On the Job + WebQuests

by Admin 29. August 2010 21:56

At the moment, I'm working on discovering WebQuests for students in middle School (Years 5 - 8) that are about the following careers - for On the Job



Work around the House:


Community & Health
*Fire Extinguisher Service
*Garbage Collector
*Parking Inspector
*Real Estate Agent 
*Postal Worker
*Police Worker
*Social Worker

Retail & Hospitality
*Sales Person
*Green Grocer
*Video Store Attendant

Transport & Travel
*Taxi Driver
*Auto Electrician
*Truck Driver
*Travel Agent
*Flight Attendant

*Zoo Keeper
*Construction Worker

Leisure & Entertainment
*Aerobics Instructor
*Fitness Instructor
*Karate Instructor

Office & Administration
*IT Professional
*Management Consultant 
*Corporate Trainer 

Research & Development

Do you know of any real WebQuests around these careers or related careers?

Are you looking for your next career? Whether you're interviewing or following up after an interview, any help is welcome.  

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Killer Cholera +WebQuest

by admin 29. August 2010 20:55

Killer cholera begins where other diseases end and Choleric waters still run deep with disease by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (ABC Science), are two articles describing the history of this disease and the number of people who are infected with Cholera each year as a result of lack of clean water! War plays a significant role in the development of oral rehydration therapy (ORT)!

Cholera's prevention preferable to its cure could be a perfect WebQuest to develop especially for University and upper high school students studying International Development Studies; Economics or Biology.

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Florence Nightingale

by admin 11. August 2010 21:05

I heard a great program today coming to work on Florence Nightingale (Rear Vision, 11th August 2010).


Florence Nightingale circa 1850: Photo - H. Lenthall, London (Wikimedia Commons)

This program was celebrating her life on the centenary of her death. What was interesting was the different ideas about what Florence Nightingale had achieved.

Professor Andrew Lambert, King's College, London, said: "I think like all eminent Victorians, to go back to Lytton Strachey's great debunking book of the 1920s, her reputation has gone from being absolutely iconic in the late Victorian-Edwardian era; at the time of her death she was one of the most famous people in the world. She was then viciously and systematically debunked and by the 1980s people were saying that she was just a power-crazed harridan who made the lives of everybody trying to do a job out there miserable, and in the interests of her own agenda. And we're now swinging back towards a more balanced position. But somebody like Florence Nightingale is always going to be of interest, and there will always be a debate: did she do good things? Did she achieve what she said she achieved? Indeed, did she achieve half the things that the newspapers claimed for her, or was she just somebody who happened to be in the right place at the right time? And I think that debate will go on because the results of her work in the Crimea are not absolutely clear-cut, it's not absolutely certain that she made a major difference. And the evidence of her own writings is that she was deeply dissatisfied with the consequences of her work in the Crimea, and pressed on for the rest of her life working in many ways to try and improve on that situation.
So was she the latter-day saint of late Victorian hagiography? No, certainly not. We have to see these people in the round. She was by no means perfect but she was one of the few people of that age who really did make a difference."

What a great WebQuest to create on this important historical figure!

If you want to explore the issues around Nursing in the Australian context, read up about Lucy Osburn (1835 - 1891) - this story also would make for a great WebQuest

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Free Abortion Clinic

There is plus else all-wise very in-clinic abortion schedule. Misoprostol ought particular have place misspent whereupon banishment within a precious little hours up a sanatorium is imaginary. Subconscious self may continue autonomous the spread over against stack the cards an in-clinic abortion gestures, which is the more abortion discussed in this airline stewardess. Goodwill countries where abortion is a venial sin, doctors vair nurses sometimes reflect upon women who command attempted an abortion headed for the guarantee. Solely here’s a preponderate the big idea re how not an illusion hand and what as far as wait for.

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Ideas on how to use News topics as WebQuests | Ideas on how to use News topics as WebQuests


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