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by admin 29. December 2010 21:55

Recently I assessed a group of WebQuests that were created by students from the Australian Catholic University (Canberra Campus) and the following 9 were considered outstanding!

Joelle Arguta - "Little Works"


Valen Dyson - "Should children with lymphoedema attend special needs preschools over mainstream preschools?"

Ann Jenvey - Dysgraphia and NAPLAN

Chris Nairn - Food for Thought: How far should a child-care centre go to cater for the needs of one child? 

Lauren Parker - Can a Nurse with Narcolepsy function safely at work? 

Elizabeth Wilson - ABIlity to Play ...the Journey beyond RehABIlitation 

Tanya de Gier  - Disabilities or Differences?

Amanda Rombouts - Tourette Syndrome - Can't you just stop!? 

Melanie Lee  - I am not like the other kids. I have cerebral palsy... 

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