NZ oil spill

by admin 12. October 2011 15:25

Last year in the blog entry, Oil Spills and WebQuests, I suggested that Oil Spills could be the subject of a good topic to investigate as an Ecological topic as a WebQuest. And they still are!

As a result of the recent NZ oil spill and an article "Oil spill captain appears in court" Oct.12 2011, a WebQuest could be developed on the maritime law around these events. "The charge under section 65 of the Maritime Act carries a maximum penalty of $10,000 fine or 12 months' prison." "Is this seen as reasonable?" could be the big question!


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Ideas on how to use News topics as WebQuests

Jindabyne Dam release brings silted Snowy back to life

by admin 10. October 2011 17:04

Jindabyne Dam release brings silted Snowy back to life is a wonderful stimulus article for an Introduction to a WebQuest! The roles could be:

1. An indigenous Australian from the local Ngarigo language group;
2. Aquatic Ecologist
3. A Farmer
4. A Government official from NSW
5. A Government official from the Commonwealth.

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Ideas on how to use News topics as WebQuests


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