Michael Jackson is Dead

by frances 26. June 2009 16:04
Source: ABC Unleashed  
"For decades we have been entertained and reviled by his bizarre mix of talent and dysfunction.
What makes someone like Michael Jackson a superstar and what deeper role did he play in our society?" Source: ABC Unleashed  
This news story of entertainer, Michael Jackson, dying at 50, could easily be the start of a great WebQuest in two subject areas: Media, and, Music.
One of the main things a WebQuest should do is be relevant to the student body! This is called "with-it-ness" by teachers.
There of course have been varied responses to the amount of media coverage on his death and Michael Jackson's life - from those who think he isn't worthy of such coverage to those who are mourning a great song writer and entertainer!
These responses indicate that a great WebQuest could be created and developed from this event!!!

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Ideas on how to use News topics as WebQuests


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