Create a Thinking Curriculum: What is a WebQuest?

by admin 13. January 2010 11:27

One of the MAJOR components of a WebQuest is encouraging Higher Order Thinking Skills by giving students Tasks in ANALYSING, CREATING, EVALUATING.

I came across this great PowerPoint that I think you will really find useful, interesting and informative from Kurwongbah State School in Queensland! This PPT gives you an overview of Higher Order Thinking Skills and also the Research behind implementing HOTS; and, its application to Dimensions of Learning.


This school has obviously done some great work over a number of years and has been awarded the School Library Association of Queensland Brian Bahnisch Award for its Whole School Thinking Skills Program!
Their Thinking Skills website is a gold mine of information and websites to look into about Thinking Skills: take a look:

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What is a WebQuest?


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