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by Admin 29. August 2010 21:56

At the moment, I'm working on discovering WebQuests for students in middle School (Years 5 - 8) that are about the following careers - for On the Job



Work around the House:


Community & Health
*Fire Extinguisher Service
*Garbage Collector
*Parking Inspector
*Real Estate Agent 
*Postal Worker
*Police Worker
*Social Worker

Retail & Hospitality
*Sales Person
*Green Grocer
*Video Store Attendant

Transport & Travel
*Taxi Driver
*Auto Electrician
*Truck Driver
*Travel Agent
*Flight Attendant

*Zoo Keeper
*Construction Worker

Leisure & Entertainment
*Aerobics Instructor
*Fitness Instructor
*Karate Instructor

Office & Administration
*IT Professional
*Management Consultant 
*Corporate Trainer 

Research & Development

Do you know of any real WebQuests around these careers or related careers?

Are you looking for your next career? Whether you're interviewing or following up after an interview, any help is welcome.  

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